Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Surgery Day #7, Update #2

Today was Carson's first day in his new, step-down, room.  Not only is it great to be a step closer to home, but it is also encouraging that Carson no longer needs the same level of medical care as he did earlier in this adventure.

One advantage of being in a stepdown room is that we get to be in the room with him all day and come and go as we please as long as one person stays in the room with him.  However, one byproduct of this room is that if Carson gets his days and nights confused, there are fewer nurses to split the overnight shift with you.

Carson's cardiologist came in this afternoon and gave us the good news that Carson should be able to go home tomorrow.  There was a small clot that she saw in the echocardiogram that she will be paying attention to and treating with a little bit of baby Aspirin.  It is something that she thinks will resolve on its own.  This was concerning to us as parents, but she assured us that this is somewhat common with surgeries and was something to pay attention to, but not worry about. 

The night nurse was just in taking out his last IV line, leaving only with the standard heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen level sensors.  When he is discharged, Carson will be sent home with only two prescriptions to aid in the heart healing process and over-the-counter pain meds for the pain (Tylenol and Motrin).

He has continued to act more like himself all day.  He has been talking, waving smiling, staying in a sitting position, and even rolled over once.  Included below are some pictures of Carson being Carson.

It continuously amazes us to see the power of prayer in action.  Thank God for the amazing doctors and nurses who have been awesome and for all the friends and family who continue to pray and support us through all of this.  Our little man is a fighter.


  1. YES YES YES YES!!! THIS POST IS AMAZING!!! Can't wait to give him a hug! Praise God for his faithfulness!

  2. Praise God! That is awesome news!!

  3. Such wonderful news. God is good. Carson is a special little angel on earth. Love you all and I know everyone will be glad to go home. No place like home.

  4. Yeahhhh!Carson you are awesome! Way to go buddy! My little boy Ross sends his love and continued prayers for a speedy and complete recovery! He says, Been there, done that and you are on your way buddy!
    Many prayers and much love to Carson and your family! Praise God for the wonderful news and his answered prayers! Rick Smith thanks for sharing Carson's progress!

  5. Prayed earlier this week for your little fighter! God is faithful!!!

    And welcome to the 'zipper club' Carson! Such an honor!

  6. Praise the Lord! What a sweet baby and I'm so happy you're in a new room and going home soon. Keep the pictures coming. So excited he is doing so well!!