Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surgery Day #4

Carson has a had another day of progress.  Charles stayed with him at the hospital last night while I stayed with Kaylee and Aunt Shanna at the hotel.  I am not quite sure how much sleep Charles is running on since Carson gave the nurses and doctors another wild night.

I got a text from Charles at around 11:30pm that Carson's heart rate and blood pressure had dropped and they were giving him some dopamine.  Once it raised his blood pressure the heart rate went back up.  

Earlier this morning, they removed the drain tube from his heart.  This means that there is no more bleeding from the heart as a result of the surgery.  Right after doing this, the nurses adjusted his respirator settings so that Carson was fully breathing on his own (these new settings made it work more like a CPAP machine than a respirator).

A couple of hours later, the nurses came back in to remove the respirator tube all together and replace it with an oxygen line that runs under his nose.  This was supposed to be a quick, simple, step but the removal of the nose line started a massive nose bleed.  There was so much blood that Carson ended up swallowing a lot of it and it also ended up all in his nose, mouth, and throat causing quite the suction and clean-up effort.  All is good now and he is back on the track for recovery.

I can not tell you how wonderful it is to see my precious babies eyes not only open but looking around.  He has a few toys attached to his bed and he is enjoying watching them.  It does break your heart to hear his hoarse little cry because you know he is in pain, but the nurses are doing a good job of staying up on the meds.  The last time we went in he is resting comfortably and the next major milestone was starting to get some food in his stomach.

Just a couple of minutes ago.  Kaylee got to go in and see her brother for the first time since the surgery.  We'll add a couple of pictures later today. 

God is amazing and all the prayers are continuing to work.


  1. Yahhh!!!! What a great day. Carson looks so good...look at those eyes!!!

    We can't wait to give him a hug soon! :)

  2. We've been following Carson's surgery journey and praying for him daily. It's so good to see him progress. We are praising God with you!! Hugs and love from the Ghormleys, and baby Leo.