Monday, June 10, 2013

We are Home!

Well the good news is Carson is done and we are home!  He is still a bit drowsy and seemed to be in some pain, but is resting comfortably now.  Everything looked good during the scope, but there was some narrowing (which the doctor thinks he has always had) and a slight amount of scar tissue but nothing worth getting too invasive with.  So, needless to say this ended up being more of an exploratory procedure.  Because of this they didn't make us spend the night...YAY!!!  The downside is we still aren't sure why he is having these episodes.  The doctor is hopeful he will out grow them.  Until then we are going to watch a few things.  One being his tonsils, as he gets older and they enlarge this could cause breathing problems.  Another is to try reflux meds again and to continue the steroids as needed.  We are very grateful it isn't anything serious, but still a little concerned as to what is going on.  Thank you for all your prayers today.

Bronchoscopy Update #1

We arrived around 7 am with a very hungry little guy, we went back to the pre-op room and they finally gave him goofy juice around 9:30.  After that we had one goofy little guy, but he was much more relaxed. They took him back to surgery around 9:45 and he should be in surgery for 1-1 1/2 hours.  While they scope him they will do anything that is needed to correct the narrowing of his airway.  The ultimate goal is to prevent his croupy breathing attacks.  Mom and Dad are hanging in there, it is never easy to see your child rolled of but we have some relief in knowing it is a pretty minor compared to others he has been through.

Friday, June 7, 2013

What A Crazy Spring!

Soo I am a little behind with post.  I can't even begin to tell you how many firsts Carson has had since I last posted.  He had his first trip to the zoo, saw his first Disney on Ice, he was in his first wedding, and he stood up for the first time on his own and walked across the room.  We have a walker! (even though his preferred method is the bear crawl).

Since February we had a wonderful Easter, some Spring Break Rodeo fun, Kaylee's 5th Birthday, Kaylee's Pre-K graduation (this Momma isn't sure she wants her baby growing up quite so fast), Mother's Day, and lots of wedding stuff for my sister and her new husband.  The wedding was last weekend and it couldn't have ended up more perfect.  It was beautiful and we are so excited to have Josh as part of the family.  We were so busy I forgot to take many pictures so I hope that someone else got some of us.  It has been a crazy, fun Spring!  Whew, we are ready for Summer!

Here we go again...We had Carson's pre-op on Monday and this coming Monday he will have another procedure (sounds much nicer than surgery).  He will be having a bronchoscopy ( with possible ballooning to stretch out the airway or laser to remove any scar tissue from previous surgeries.  We are hoping to find the underlying cause of his croupy breathing spells. We will keep everyone updated on the blog and are so thankful for all Carson's pray warriors.  You all have gotten us through some pretty rough times so thanks for the continued prayers and support for our family.