Monday, June 10, 2013

We are Home!

Well the good news is Carson is done and we are home!  He is still a bit drowsy and seemed to be in some pain, but is resting comfortably now.  Everything looked good during the scope, but there was some narrowing (which the doctor thinks he has always had) and a slight amount of scar tissue but nothing worth getting too invasive with.  So, needless to say this ended up being more of an exploratory procedure.  Because of this they didn't make us spend the night...YAY!!!  The downside is we still aren't sure why he is having these episodes.  The doctor is hopeful he will out grow them.  Until then we are going to watch a few things.  One being his tonsils, as he gets older and they enlarge this could cause breathing problems.  Another is to try reflux meds again and to continue the steroids as needed.  We are very grateful it isn't anything serious, but still a little concerned as to what is going on.  Thank you for all your prayers today.

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