Monday, June 10, 2013

We are Home!

Well the good news is Carson is done and we are home!  He is still a bit drowsy and seemed to be in some pain, but is resting comfortably now.  Everything looked good during the scope, but there was some narrowing (which the doctor thinks he has always had) and a slight amount of scar tissue but nothing worth getting too invasive with.  So, needless to say this ended up being more of an exploratory procedure.  Because of this they didn't make us spend the night...YAY!!!  The downside is we still aren't sure why he is having these episodes.  The doctor is hopeful he will out grow them.  Until then we are going to watch a few things.  One being his tonsils, as he gets older and they enlarge this could cause breathing problems.  Another is to try reflux meds again and to continue the steroids as needed.  We are very grateful it isn't anything serious, but still a little concerned as to what is going on.  Thank you for all your prayers today.

Bronchoscopy Update #1

We arrived around 7 am with a very hungry little guy, we went back to the pre-op room and they finally gave him goofy juice around 9:30.  After that we had one goofy little guy, but he was much more relaxed. They took him back to surgery around 9:45 and he should be in surgery for 1-1 1/2 hours.  While they scope him they will do anything that is needed to correct the narrowing of his airway.  The ultimate goal is to prevent his croupy breathing attacks.  Mom and Dad are hanging in there, it is never easy to see your child rolled of but we have some relief in knowing it is a pretty minor compared to others he has been through.

Friday, June 7, 2013

What A Crazy Spring!

Soo I am a little behind with post.  I can't even begin to tell you how many firsts Carson has had since I last posted.  He had his first trip to the zoo, saw his first Disney on Ice, he was in his first wedding, and he stood up for the first time on his own and walked across the room.  We have a walker! (even though his preferred method is the bear crawl).

Since February we had a wonderful Easter, some Spring Break Rodeo fun, Kaylee's 5th Birthday, Kaylee's Pre-K graduation (this Momma isn't sure she wants her baby growing up quite so fast), Mother's Day, and lots of wedding stuff for my sister and her new husband.  The wedding was last weekend and it couldn't have ended up more perfect.  It was beautiful and we are so excited to have Josh as part of the family.  We were so busy I forgot to take many pictures so I hope that someone else got some of us.  It has been a crazy, fun Spring!  Whew, we are ready for Summer!

Here we go again...We had Carson's pre-op on Monday and this coming Monday he will have another procedure (sounds much nicer than surgery).  He will be having a bronchoscopy ( with possible ballooning to stretch out the airway or laser to remove any scar tissue from previous surgeries.  We are hoping to find the underlying cause of his croupy breathing spells. We will keep everyone updated on the blog and are so thankful for all Carson's pray warriors.  You all have gotten us through some pretty rough times so thanks for the continued prayers and support for our family.



Saturday, February 9, 2013

18 months old

Wow, these past few weeks we have knocked out some doctors appointments.  We went for Carson's urologist follow up from his surgery and everything looked great.  We just have to go back in a year and make sure the right kidney is taking over.  Last week we had a 18 month well visit and an optometrist appointment.  Carson weighs close to 20 lbs (34% on T21 curve) and is 30.3 inches (56% on T21 curve).  He is doing several signs (more, banana, ball, book, cracker, eat, thank you) and tries to say some words by their beginning sounds.  He is cruising everywhere and walks with a walking toy, but is not a fan of standing by himself.  Carson likes to climb on top of things and throw pretty much whatever he can get his hands on.  He LOVES bubbles.  We go to a new ENT at the end of the month to double check nothing is going on with his airway since he has reoccurring croup.  Ha, of course since we made the appointment he has not had it, but we won't complain.
We are about to hit his 6 month anniversary from heart surgery.  He is doing great.  We still give him half a baby aspirin everyday for the blood clot, but pray the next time we go it will have dissolved.  Here is a picture of his battle wound.  It really looks good and is fading so much we do not even notice it sometimes.  Mommy is still recovering from the anxiety of almost losing him, but he doesn't even know what a miracle he his.  One day we will tell him what a strong little boy he is and all that he has been through.
I think our most favorite thing to do is just to get away for a little while as a family.  We enjoyed a fun day at the Heard museum last weekend checking out their dinosaur exhibit.  We love being free of doctors appointments and reminders of everything we all have been through and just enjoying being a family.  I love these two so much!



Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kidney Surgery Update #6 - Home at Last

Carson was cleared to come home at 3:00 this afternoon.  After they gave him his last dosage of medicines and we signed all the appropriate paperwork we were free to come home.  Carson was sound asleep in the backseat by the time we made it to McKinney, but seemed happy to be back in familiar surroundings once he woke back up.

Thank you again to everyone for the continued thoughts and prayers and for our parents for being so helpful.

Kidney Surgery Update #5

Carson had a pretty good night.  The morphine helped with the pain, but would drop his oxygen levels. He was not a fan of the nasal cannula and kept pulling it out.  We finally had the nurse remove it and put the oxygen mask by him if needed.  He was a lot more comfortable without it.  

Ha, Charles and I had a big surprise when we went to pull out the love seat and it was not our usual two person bed, but a single one.  This made our sleeping arrangements interesting.  Needless to say we are both pretty tired this morning.

The urologist came by this morning and said Carson looks good.  They switched up his meds some and as long as he is comfortable and is cleared by the respiratory doctor there is a chance we could go home later on today.

We are so thankful for Charles' parents who are up here and continue to make sure we are fed and for my parents for keeping Kaylee entertained in Houston.  We are so blessed to have great friends and family and we thank all of you for your continued prayers they are working.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Kidney Surgery Update #4

Carson has not been a very happy camper for the past hour or so.  There are three things that we are paying special attention to:

  1. Low oxygen levels, most likely due to morphine being used for pain management.  A cannula was placed under his nose, and Carson is most definitely not a fan of the new addition to his face.
  2. Some strider breathing, most likely due to agitation in the airways while being put under anesthesia.  This is being treated with a little steroid to help open up the airwaves (will hopefully help with oxygen levels as well)
  3. Pain management, Carson has woken up a couple of times in obvious pain.  We are needing to stay on top of his pain meds and when he gets them so that we can minimize the pain he experiences.

After quite the battle getting Carson to take his meds and not pull out his cannula, he has calmed back down and is resting peacefully.