Friday, December 28, 2012

Kidney Surgery Update #4

Carson has not been a very happy camper for the past hour or so.  There are three things that we are paying special attention to:

  1. Low oxygen levels, most likely due to morphine being used for pain management.  A cannula was placed under his nose, and Carson is most definitely not a fan of the new addition to his face.
  2. Some strider breathing, most likely due to agitation in the airways while being put under anesthesia.  This is being treated with a little steroid to help open up the airwaves (will hopefully help with oxygen levels as well)
  3. Pain management, Carson has woken up a couple of times in obvious pain.  We are needing to stay on top of his pain meds and when he gets them so that we can minimize the pain he experiences.

After quite the battle getting Carson to take his meds and not pull out his cannula, he has calmed back down and is resting peacefully.

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