Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 months

Carson turned 10 months on the 1st and decided to get himself to sitting by himself.  This was a milestone I felt like we had been working on forever.  He started sitting by himself (when placed in sitting) at six months, but it takes a lot more muscles to get himself to sitting from the floor.  He quickly figured out how to do this in his bed, so we finally moved his bed down.  He is also starting to pull himself to standing with minimal help, yay Carson.  He is able to roll all over the floor, but shows no interest in crawling (below is a rare picture of him up on his knees).  He has started to do a crazy inchworm roll to get to things.  Ha, we may just skip that and go straight to walking.  We will take what he wants to give us. 

Carson went to the opthamologist on May 21st. Carson seems to be seeing pretty well. His left eye does drift some so they are watching it. The doctor thinks he is able to control it so we are hopeful that it is something that he will out grow. Good news is this is something that can be easilty fixed if need be.

For Memorial Day weekend we were able to spend a long weekend with friends and Charles' parents.  The kids had lots of fun with Gram and Gramps exploring, making smores, and swimming.

Carson had a cardiologist appointment last Wednesday and they did another sono.  Carson's VSD looks about the same and his PDA is still open.  As expected, we discussed planning the surgery about the time of his 1st birthday.  Friday I received the call from the surgeon's scheduler; we are set for surgery on August 15th.  August 15.....just the thought of this date makes me sick to my stomach.  When I got the call and started writing down the date, I immediately started shaking.  It all hit me, how real, how close....this is really going to happen.  My poor baby has to have surgery on his heart.  I keep telling myself how blessed we are to have great doctors that can fix his heart and how healthy this will make him.   Please pray for strength for us as the surgery approaches.  We know this will be hard on all of us.  We want to make the right choices for where Kaylee needs to be during this time and how we want to handle everything.  Most of all we want to make sure Carson stays healthy so he can be strong for his surgery.

So I just had to include this picture of Carson's first
trip to Lowe's.  Kaylee and him had a blast driving the "car".
Sometimes these little moments between siblings are the memories that you will remember forever.