Monday, October 1, 2012

14 months

The months are just flying by.  Our little man is 14 months old today.  I can not believe all he has been through in his short little life here on earth.  It as been about a month and a half since his heart surgery and he is doing incredible.  You would never even know what all he went through if it weren't for his battle wound on his chest.  Carson is such a trooper and anyone who has ever met him knows what a joy he is to be around.

Carson had his first PT since his surgery and I am happy to say he hasn't regressed any and is continuing to hit milestones.  He has pulled up to standing several times and we are working on cruising while stand up holding on to things.  I am so excited to say...WE FINALLY HAVE A TOOTH.  I was starting to wonder if he had any.  Since Carson's surgery he is eating like a champ so I am glad he finally has a tooth to help him out a little. We have several upcoming appointments that I will be excited to check off of our list (ENT, Ophthalmologist, and recheck on hemoglobin).  I am hoping to get good news on all three and would love to be able to get Carson off the iron or get him on a lower dose.  We still need to schedule a Mag3 renal scan to check Carson's kidney.  This is the step before scheduling what we hope is his finally surgery.  Oh dear God just help me get through this year.  I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it will be to not have the constant anxiety of an upcoming surgery lingering over me.  Some months just get so overwhelming with doctors appointments but I am hopeful that the number of doctors appointments will decrease and become less frequent.  His therapies will pick up, but I think of those as a good thing for him.  He works so hard to accomplish his milestones. 

Last weekend we were able to enjoy a family trip (and Gram) to the Arboretum.  We always enjoy all the fall decorations.  I have decided it is almost impossible to get a picture of both kids smiling and looking at me at the same time.  I took what I could then decided to just enjoy the scenery. ;)