Sunday, July 31, 2011

34 weeks....and counting

I guess it is time for an update.  I went to the doctor on Friday for my routine weekly check-up.  She hooked me up to the non stress test to see I was having contractions pretty frequently.  I haven't progressed any more.  I am still around 2 cms. dilated.  She also thinks he is still breech but she didn't want to poke around too much since I was contracting.  Still praying he will turn, but have accepted that I will do what is best for him.  She also went ahead and did another fetal fibronectin test, which I don't have the results back for yet.  They are good for two weeks though and I had one last week, so if they are as accurate as they say we have at least one week. This is especially good since my dr. is on vacation next week.  Needless to say I am now on bedrest :(.  Ha, if you know my personality this is really hard for me.  I think it is way harder this time because I have a very active 3 year old who wants "mommy" to do everything.  For the most part she is pretty understanding, but I know it is hard on her and that kills me.  I keep telling myself I need to keep Carson in a few more weeks to get him as strong as possible.  The contractions are kind of a blessing in disguise for me because they make me slow down.  Although I won't complain if they would stop :).

I did get a chance to take some maternity pictures this weekend and I am soo excited to see them.  My friend Diana took them and she is amazing.  I never got any with Kaylee since she came early so we wanted to make sure we got these in.  If I can figure out how to post pictures, I plan on posting some of them and the nursery soon.

As always I want to thank everyone for their prayers, support, dinners, and love.  We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family.

Friday, July 8, 2011


What a wonderful July 4th weekend we had. We got to take a vacation, just the three of us (well 4 if you count the one in tow). We went to Lost Pines Hyatt Resort in Bastrop and had a very relaxing time. Then we headed out to my in-laws to celebrate 4th of July/ Gram's Birthday. Kaylee had a blast with all her cousins and we enjoyed more family time. We had the sad realization that this trip might be the last trip we take for a while. I have been having some contractions and cramping so we don't want to push anything.

On Tuesday after getting back from a nice long weekend we were working on cleaning up the house and continuing to get Carson's room ready. I think our emotions got the best of Charles and I because after looking at his precious room (pictures to come) and the realization of how soon he will be here we both broke down. This is so hard because you want so bad to be excited about the arrival of your son, but in the same sense you are scared to death. The up and down emotions can really wear you out. This where our friends, family, and faith step in and help us. Without them and everyone’s support we don't know how we could do it.

Yesterday I had another OB appointment and my belly is measuring right on par. I am dilated 1cm so they did the fetal fibronectin test again and the results were negative, so this is good news. This test lets them know if I am going into pre-term labor (here is a link for those wanting to know more Praying our little guy will stay in at least 5 more weeks. Next week we have 3 doctors appointments for Carson so we will find out more than.

As we come closer to the arrival of Carson, we need prayers more than ever. I am such a planner and the unknown is really hard for me. This is definitely a journey that is not going to be easy, but I am hoping will be full of so many blessings.