Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tis the Season

Since I last wrote we have been going like crazy.  It is just that time of year with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and soon Christmas.  We are 4 months post surgery.  Carson is doing great.  His scar is starting to fade and it is so great to go in to a doctors appointment and see is oxygen at 100%.  Carson is defiantly recovering quicker than mom.  I have really been struggling with anxiety after almost losing my baby.  Each day truly is a blessing you have with your children.  Treasure every moment. 
At Carson's 15 month "well" visit we learned he is a little over 18lbs (18% T21 curve, and not even on the typical curve), 29 inches (47% T21, 2% typical). Basically he is just a little guy, but he is right where the doctor would like him to be. Developmentally he is at a 11-15 month level!!! Yay, we hope we can keep doing so well. He is starting to mimic words, cruising, pulling up on everything, and just started climbing on top of things. He also has 6 teeth now!

We have had a crazy past two months with sick kiddos.  My kids are usually pretty healthy so I shouldn't complain, let's just hope we are all on the mend. It started with Kaylee getting croup around Halloween and us having to make an ER trip with her.  Then, two days later, Carson came down with it.  The next week Carson had his kidney scan.  The next week we went in for Carson's 15 month "well visit" and were unable to do shots due to petechire (little red dots) on his stomach.  They ran up a full CBC to see what was going on.  Needless to say mom was freaking out, but the blood work came back fine.  Two days later he got the croup again.  He was finally doing better than he started getting really sick and had a really high fever....back to the doctor.  They think it is a stomach bug. We waited a day to leave for Thanksgiving to make sure no one else caught it.  Thank God the rest of us stayed well. After a week of a low grade fever and a cranky baby, he got the croup again, and then an earache.  After a round of antibiotics we finally got well shots, then that night Carson got the croup for the 4th time.  Needless to say we made a ENT visit and the scoped him.  His anatomy all looked great so we aren't sure what is going on.  Prayers we can stay healthy. 
Last week we got results from the kidney scan.  The kidney is only functioning at 11% and they are recommending removal.  This is really hard to hear because we did the surgery last year to try to save it.  We will meet with the doctor tomorrow to get more details.  Needless to say we will be having a surgery to remove his left kidney on December 28th.  I can't even begin to describe the overwhelming anxiety that is all coming back at the thought of going through another surgery.  Please pray for my whole family as this is really hard on all of us.  I am thankful the other kidney seems to be healthy and will take over for the one that never formed properly.
We already celebrated one Christmas with the Koch Family at Thanksgiving and look forward to celebrating Christmas with the rest of the family in the next week.  It is our family and friends that keep us going and I am so grateful for all of you.

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  1. Praying for you and the kids this morning. Merry Christmas.