Saturday, February 9, 2013

18 months old

Wow, these past few weeks we have knocked out some doctors appointments.  We went for Carson's urologist follow up from his surgery and everything looked great.  We just have to go back in a year and make sure the right kidney is taking over.  Last week we had a 18 month well visit and an optometrist appointment.  Carson weighs close to 20 lbs (34% on T21 curve) and is 30.3 inches (56% on T21 curve).  He is doing several signs (more, banana, ball, book, cracker, eat, thank you) and tries to say some words by their beginning sounds.  He is cruising everywhere and walks with a walking toy, but is not a fan of standing by himself.  Carson likes to climb on top of things and throw pretty much whatever he can get his hands on.  He LOVES bubbles.  We go to a new ENT at the end of the month to double check nothing is going on with his airway since he has reoccurring croup.  Ha, of course since we made the appointment he has not had it, but we won't complain.
We are about to hit his 6 month anniversary from heart surgery.  He is doing great.  We still give him half a baby aspirin everyday for the blood clot, but pray the next time we go it will have dissolved.  Here is a picture of his battle wound.  It really looks good and is fading so much we do not even notice it sometimes.  Mommy is still recovering from the anxiety of almost losing him, but he doesn't even know what a miracle he his.  One day we will tell him what a strong little boy he is and all that he has been through.
I think our most favorite thing to do is just to get away for a little while as a family.  We enjoyed a fun day at the Heard museum last weekend checking out their dinosaur exhibit.  We love being free of doctors appointments and reminders of everything we all have been through and just enjoying being a family.  I love these two so much!



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  1. Love this! He is such a big boy!! :) congrats on everything!