Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Surgery Day #8, Home at Last

Carson had a much better night and got a decent amount of sleep.  In the morning the doctors and nurses began to process the paperwork for him to come home.  After running through all the paperwork about how to care for his incision, when to bathe him, what medicines to give, etc, we're ready to head out.  By around mid-day we were all packed up and in the car headed home.
Needless to say, the whole family is pretty excited.  Kaylee had even worked with her grandparents to make a "Welcome Home Carson" banner.
Carson has continued to amaze us with how back to normal he has been acting.  Today he has sat up and crawled without showing any signs of pain.  The only pain he has shown all day has been when he accidentally fell over on Mom's leg and bumped his incisions.
Had you told me last week that my little boy would be up and around, smiling, waving, and almost back to himself, I am not sure I would have believed it.  Last week at this time he was fighting for his life.  Seeing him on all the machines that were keeping him alive was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through.  It was extremely humbling to be going through all this then hear peoples' stories that were dealing with so much worse and had been there for months.  I will never take for granted my childrens' health and every day we have with them.  God truly is the ultimate healer and the power of prayer is so amazing.  We just know that God has such a special plan for little Carson and all of his children.
Look Mom, no wires
Check out my ride outta here
Bye-bye to all the nurses and doctors, let's hang ten on the way out
Love having these two back together.
Carson getting right back to his drum practice


  1. Amazing! What an inspiration sweet Carson and your entire family are! I love all these pictures, and love seeing him home with his beautiful smile on his precious face. God is good!

  2. Awesome!! So so so happy for y'all! Those sweet pictures of Carson smiling brought tears to my eyes! PRAISE GOD!!!

  3. So glad he is doing so well....miss you guys

  4. YEAHHHHHH! So glad you all got to go home today! He is so very cute and the rest of the healing is easy to handle. He looks so happy to be back with sister and his toys! God bless you all and I will keep following his progress! Ross turned 22 months today and is doing great. Here is the last blog post I put up.