Friday, August 24, 2012

Home from Surgery Day 3

Today was was a much better day. Thank God! 

Carson's fever finally broke last night and since then he has been acting more and more like himself.  We never found out if his fever (and his cranky mood) was due to pain meds wearing off, upset stomach/gas, over exersion from the day before, or some combination of the three.  Whatever the cause, we are thankful to see that he seems to be feeling better, smiling, and getting around.  Included below is a picture of his with his favorite toy.


  1. Great news :-) He looks pretty content.

  2. That would be Noah's as well. It is mommy's least favorite as I was collecting a lot of balls when we first got it :) Noah likes to see which of his other toys bounce in there as well. So glad it was a better day :)

  3. Love that smile! :)

    So glad to hear (and see) how well things are going!

    To God be the glory!