Sunday, August 19, 2012

Surgery Day #5

Carson is continuing to progress well.  He has been drinking his bottles so well that the nurse removed his feeding tube this morning.  Now that the feeding tube as been removed, there is only one tube remaining in his nose and mouth (the oxygen line running under his nose). 

Carson's neighbor in the hospital had a very rough night last night and most of the nursing staff was pulled in to help.  Fortunately, Carson has been in very stable condition but this caused him to get behind on some of his pain medicine.  As a result, he seemed to be hurting pretty bad this morning and it took him quite a while to get calmed back down. Once the pain meds kicked in he seemed much more comfortable.

Carson's drip lines into his IV has been reduced to 4 (from 16).  There are still a couple of critical meds that we are working to ween him from. 

Carson had quite the visitor list today, he got to see all of his aunts and most of his uncles as well as both sets of grandparents.  We are still allowed to have 2-3 people in the room at a time and Carson enjoyed waving and smiling at everyone as they paraded through.

Tomorrow morning, Carson will get a tube and his pacemaker lines removed.  These will be two of the last three sensors that are connected directly to his heart.  If everything continues as planned, we are anticipating being transitioned to a step-down room either Monday or Tuesday with a potential discharge as early as Wednesday.

We can't thank all of you enough for all the prayers and well wishes that we have received. 


  1. Sweet baby boy! I'm sorry to hear that his pain meds got messed up. He looks so good in his pics and that makes me so happy that he had so many visitors and was waving! How precious! Keep up the great work Carson! We are all praying for continued awesome progress!!!

  2. Hi I just read your blog, I am so happy to hear that Carson is doing better. We will keep him in our prayers... My son Jesse had OHS just a week earlier then Carson in FL. He did remarkably well and you will see Carson get better and better each day. It is awesome to see the tubes/wires/machines get removed one by one. Jesse was off all pain meds in 3 days.. I know Carson will be the same soon.If I can help in any way..?'s someone to talk to that has just gone through the same.. plse let me know..all the best...lots of love coming your way... wendy sharon

  3. Yahhh..!! What a great report. Praise God! :)

  4. So happy that he is doing well, despite the unfortunate pain medicine thing. What a sweet boy. Prayers for your family!