Thursday, August 23, 2012

Home from Surgery Day 2

After an amazing day yesterday where Carson was crawling, laughing, and enjoying being home; today was a rough one.  He didn't sleep very well last night and today he spent most of the day crying.  It was absolutely pitiful.  If you know Carson, he rarely cries.  I think he has cried more today than he has in his whole life total.  Mid afternoon he started running a fever, which really scared us.  We called the cardiologist and were given instructions to give the Motrin an hour to kick in and if it went up any more to bring him to the ER.  Thank God, the temperature has gone down and we pray it continues to go down.  I am afraid this will be another long night.  Please pray for Carson's fever to go down and for him to continue to heal.  Mom and Dad could also use some prayers for rest.  Kaylee is handling this all pretty well, but you can tell it is starting to really take a toll on her.  She still can always get a smile from her little brother, he just adores her.  Charles' mom headed home today and my mom is still here helping.  We are so blessed to have such amazing families that have been a huge help to us.


  1. Praying right now! I thought about you and spoke about your family today to some friends. Prayers for you all and especially for Carson and his fever.

  2. Kelli, This is Hannah:) We are so glad Carson is finally home and we pray he continues to get well! Kelsey and I do go back to school Monday but anytime you need someone to hang out with Kaylee for a while, she is always welcome! Tell her and Carson we said hi!

    Hannah, Kelsey, & Suzanne