Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Surgery Day #7

I think last night we all kind of hit the wall.  We are all very tired, including Kaylee and grandparents.  It is really starting to take a toll on Kaylee and as a parent it is so hard to spread yourself between children.  I also think now that Carson is doing well the realization of our journey since last Wednesday is really setting in.  It is emotionally draining to have such ups and downs.  I have never been more scared in my life than realizing my child's heart was beating because of a machine.    I can't even began to tell you how thankful I am to the amazing nurses and doctors that have been taking such good care of Carson.

Carson had a good night last night, but decided sleep was over rated.  By around 10 this morning he had had bloodwork, x-rays, an ECHO, and respiratory therapy.  He is a busy guy!  His bloodwork and chest x-rays came back good and we will have the results from the ECHO this afternoon when the cardiologist comes by.

Carson is taking his bottles (in smaller doses) and even had some yogurt this morning.  He is his usual happy self waving and smiling as long as he is good on his pain meds.  Ha, he pretty much starts crying the second he sees anyone in scrubs....can you blame him?

Charles and I finally got to hold him as we walked him down to get his x-ray.  I can't tell you how much I missed holding my (not so) little guy.  Because of his sternum we have to hold him like an infant which is a challenge since he is almost 18lbs.  

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