Friday, September 30, 2011

A little someting positive to take us into the weekend.

Yesterday I officially became the crazy mom who showed up at the doctors office with no appointment and a dirty diaper.  Carson had more blood in his stools yesterday and I had a call into the doctor, but decided just to stop by after dropping Kaylee off at preschool.  They made me feel less crazy by telling me I made the right decision.  The doctor took Carson's diaper to run some test and put me back off of dairy to see if it is the protein allergy.  As hard as it is for me to go off of dairy, this would be an easy fix.  It is also hard to think of all the milk in the freezer, but I was told not to get rid of anything yet.  We don't know for sure what is causing the bleeding, but this is a first step and we can always revisit dairy slowly as he gets older. Prayers for whatever is causing the bleeding to heal and for Carson to have some relief.

Sooo excited to get good news today.  I finally heard back from the urologist who reviewed the film from the Lasix Renal Scan.  He said they got enough information from it for us to not have to re-do it.  Praise God!!!  The urologist also said he saw in the films that the kidney IS functioning (another praise :) ), but it is very blocked. We will go on the 11th to review the films with the doctor and discuss surgery options.  This sounds crazy and may be a stretch, but the blood in Carson's stool, while very scary, has been a small blessing in disguise.  Had we not found the blood in his stools on Tuesday we would have re-done the scan for nothing.  I feel God working and it gives me a little something positive to take into the weekend. 

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