Sunday, September 25, 2011

Latest Updates

Last Thursday ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) came out to evaluate Carson.  It was great to feel like we are getting the ball moving with early intervention.  Because of Carson's prematurity they were looking at him like he was a week old, instead of almost 7.  He only qualified for PT for 30 mins every other week.  This is both a good and bad thing.  You want him to get all the services possible, but it is great that he does not currently need them.  He will be reevaluated in 6 months.

On Tuesday we had our first PT session she worked with Carson on holding his head up, turning his head, and flexed posture.

This weekend was a fun packed one for us.  We had 2 parties on Friday one for Kaylee and one for Mommy.  Then Saturday we had dentist appointments then we went to the arboretum for a picnic lunch.  We enjoyed all the beautiful fall decorations and pumpkins.  Kaylee loved the Cinderella theme.  That night we had some friends over for dinner.  They were sweet enough to bring dinner to us.  We were supposed to get together the day before I went into labor and I wasn't feeling good.  Ha, little did we know Carson would be born the next day.  Today we went to church and a family picnic with the Down's group we are part of.  It is always good to be around families that get what you are going through. 

Tomorrow we have a Renal Scan MAG-3 W Lasix Washout.  The Lasix Renal Scan is a series of pictures that will record how much the kidneys function and how they are formed.  It is a nuclear medicine test.  The test will basically let us know why Carson has the hydronephrosis (enlarged) left kidney.  The results will let us know what surgery Carson will undergo.  Prayers please.  We will go on Tuesday to talk to the urologist about the results.  The reality of the surgeries to come are starting to set in.  Please pray for strength for all of us and a miracle would be nice too ;).


  1. Hi Kelli! I will pray for you all and sweet Carson. He's a precious one - such a cutie. :) I am grateful that the heart surgery can be pushed off awhile...and I hope that the kidney issues are nothing to be overly concerned about. My prayers are with you. Kaylee is as adorable as ever - so jealous that she'll look at the camera and smile! :) Love it!!!!! Best of luck this week!

  2. Praying for you and Carson during this procedure and for wisdom for the doctors. Praying for peace for your family through all things.