Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 Weeks Post Surgery and a Pre-K Student

This week has been a busy one in our household.  Monday was Labor day so it was nice to get an extra day as a family.  We were still recuperating from everything.  Kaylee started Pre-K on Tuesday.  I can not believe this is her last year at her school.  She has been there for 4 years!!  I am going to be one sad momma at preschool graduation. 

One of my goals while Kaylee was at school was to schedule all of Carson's doctors appointments that we are behind on from the surgery.  I called the first one on my list and it was the urologist.  The receptionist told me we needed to have another MAG 3 scan before we came in.  This scan is no big deal, but they would sedate him.  I pretty much told her I was not ready for that.  Ha, so when the cardiologist and mom clears him we need to do that.  This will give the urologist information needed before the second part of Carson' kidney surgery.  After that I never called to schedule all the others.  I do get very doctored out some days. 
It has been three weeks since Carson's surgery. Three of the most terrifying and amazing weeks I have ever been through.  I am in awe of how awesome he is doing after such a big scare coming out of surgery.  We had a follow up with his cardiologist today.  I am beyond delighted to say HIS HEART LOOKS GOOD!!!  Thank God.  He does still have the small clot that we are watching and giving baby aspirin for.  She is not worried about it and continues to think it will go away on its own.  He also got off of his lasix (fluid pill) today.  Yay, for having one less medicine to give.  We go back in 3 months and hopefully he will get off his other one then.  Again thanks for all the prayers.  God heard them and answered.
Carson's new favorite thing to do at the doctor's office; tear the paper on the table to shreds.


Love these two to pieces ;)


  1. So glad Carson is doing better! Can't believe how big Kaylee is getting!! You have such an amazing family Kelli and Charles!! You are so blessed!

  2. Both of your babies are sooo cute, Kelli! I am so happy to hear how well Carson is doing. Praise God! Hope Kelli's last year of preschool is off to an awesome start! Hard to believe our girls are going to be in kindergarten this time next year!