Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6 months

So I am a little behind on things.  Along with turning 6 months comes lots of tests, and more doctors for our little man.  I am trying to keep everything up to date.

I can not believe our little man is 6 months old.  We almost made it to almost 6 months without being sick and three days before he came down with RSV.  It is so pitiful to see him so sick.  We have been very lucky and caught it really early.  We are still not out of the woods, but the breathing treatments seem to be working. He has a horrible cough, but his breathing is much better.  I am thankful for his wonderful pediatrician who had been very proactive with him.  I am very upset by the fact that our insurance chose to deny us (3 times) the synagis shot after the doctors, nurses, and us fought for it.  I feel this could have prevent him from being so sick. 

At his 6 month visit Carson weighed 13 lbs. 15oz. (he lost a little weight from being sick) and he is 24.8 inches.  This keeps him in the 50% for T21 curve and he is in the 3% for weight and 10% for height on the typical curve.  I couldn't be any more proud than to say under development the doctor wrote EXCELLENT!!  I can't tell you how hard Carson works for this.  He is now rolling over front to back and back to front, has good head control, and is working on sitting up.  The sitting up still has a ways to go.  His trunk muscles are where we see some muscle weakness.  We are working really hard to build up those core muscles so he can hopefully enjoy sitting up soon.

Right before Carson got sick we got to enjoy our first vacation to New Orleans as a family.  We went for my cousin's wedding and had a great time.  We loved being with the family, eating good food, and enjoying some good music.  Thanks to my very great friend Kelly for coming with us to help with the kids.  She is a brave sole to ride in the car with us for that long.

Carson tried sweet peas and carrots and seemed to really enjoy them.  I think this kid is going to love getting big boy food.  We were supposed to start oral motor therapy, but it has been delayed with him being sick.  My hopes is that the earlier we get those muscles working the better chance he has with his speech down the road.  I truly believe speech is so important for these kiddos which is why I have fought so hard to get him into speech at an early age.  He did go to speech for the first time this week.  They are working on giving me exercises to do with him at home. 

We had a cardiologist appointment yesterday and they did another ECHO.  Everything seems to be right now track for doing the surgery at around a year.  I can't tell you how much this surgery scares me.  I pray every time that maybe a miracle will happen and his heart will be healed.  I know the chances are slim, but I can hope for a miracle.  Until then I thank God for doctors that are able to fix his heart.

Today we did all his 6 month blood work for thyroid.  It is horrible to have to watch them poke and prod at your baby.  Good news is they got it on the first stick (even though it took 2 hours) and he was a trooper. Praying for good results from the blood work.

Sometimes the amount of therapies, doctors, money, and surgeries can get very overwhelming.  I have to take one day at a time. We have a lot of 6 month check ups to go to (ophthalomologist, ENT, blood work for thyroid).  I have to be extra careful because Kaylee is a worrier like me and she worries about her brother too.  I just look at Carson's continuous smile and my worries melt away briefly.  A friend of mine, who has a brother with down syndrome, said this to me and I believe it is so true.  "Your son will be an eternal optimist and completely free of worrying about the _____world that  we live in which is always a breath of fresh air."  Sometimes I wish we all could be a little more like that.

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