Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Carson's First "Food"

Carson tried rice cereal for the first time the other day.  If you know our son, he loves to eat.  He surprisingly didn't react much to it either way.  I was very thrilled that the texture didn't seem to bother him.  He seemed to do well getting his lips around the spoon once he got the hang of it.  Kaylee decided that feeding Carson is the big sister job that she likes best.  Poor Carson tolerated the spoon being stuffed into his mouth quite well ;).

Several people have been asking about his "tube" and what it looks like, how it works, etc.  I decided to post a picture of it.  It honestly just looks like a slit or hole in his waistline.  His urine drips out of it from the kidney into his diaper. The stitches have not yet dissolved, but it is healing nicely.  We go back in a few weeks for a follow up.


  1. Look at that big smile on his face! He is beautiful, Kelli

  2. wow...amazing Kelly! So glad to hear that he is adjusting well after surgery and his happy first food moments!!