Monday, November 7, 2011

3 month update

Carson is now 3 months old!  He weighs 12 lbs and is 23 1/2 inches.    He is a wonderful baby and rarely ever fusses except when he is hungry.  His smile can light up a room.  He has the most beautiful blue eyes with specks of white in them (this is a down's thing called Brushfield's spots).   Looking at him you would never know about his poor heart and kidney. I sometimes forget about all he is dealing with. Unfortunately the doctors appointments tend to remind me of the future surgeries, health issues, and delays. Carson is one of the most loved and prayed for little boys I know.  Seeing him with his big sister and that amazing smile he has keeps me going.

We celebrated his first Halloween.  Carson was a puppy and Kaylee was Raggedy-Ann.  They were so cute.  Kaylee's costume was an old family hand-me-down and I was so excited she wanted to wear it.  Pictures to come...

The PT came last Thursday.  Carson is doing pretty good with his neck strength.  He tends to favor one side so we are really working on that.  She is working with him pulling everything into midline.  He gets re-evaluated at 6 months so I am praying that he will get even more therapy then.  As he gets older it is hard to see other babies slowly doing things that Carson isn't quite there yet at.  I know we will struggle with this his whole life, and I want the best for him.  I also need to not compare him to others and be proud of his milestones, whenever they may come.  A lesson that is hard for all moms in general.

Today we had a cardiologist appointment, which are always hard on us.  It is the reminder that Carson does have to go through heart surgery and we are so not looking forward to it.  I try to be positive and thankful that medicine has come so far and that he has a longer chance at life because of this surgery, but I still get sad that he has to have it period.  I feel like he is already dealing with so much...why this to?  We did find out today that his PDA (a vessel) has re-opened which doesn't really change anything since he has the have heart surgery anyway.  There is a chance it could close again before surgery. Carson's VSD (the hole) is the same and it is doing well.  They are still looking at surgery around 1 year of age.

In the next two weeks we have several more appointments.  We have 2 evaluations with Baylor for PT and OT, PT with ECI, The Children's Down Clinic, and his kidney procedure.  We are hoping this procedure/biopsy with tell us exactly needs to be done with the kidney and we can finally have that surgery.  We also have the Buddy Walk on the 13th which I am excited about being a part of.  I would like to thank everyone for the donations, thoughts, and prayers for the Buddy Walk.

Please pray for our little man and our family as we get through these next two weeks of appointments.  They can really drain us.  Thanks to our families and friends for helping with Kaylee so we can go to them all.

To end on a happy note: I just sent my wonderful husband and sweet little girl on a much needed daddy-daughter date. Can't wait to hear all about it.  Kaylee was so excited to get her daddy all to her self for the night.

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