Tuesday, August 30, 2011

4 weeks old

Yesterday Carson turned 4 weeks old.  It was an exciting day in our household.  It was the first day I had both kids by myself and we had to get out to get Kaylee to her first day of preschool.  Of course it decided to rain too.  The rain was very welcomed, but did add an extra challenge to the morning.  We made it there on time with everything we needed...success :).

Kaylee had a great first day of school.  She just loves going to school and is so excited to be in the 3 year room this year.  It was very strange for me to drop her off and not stay to teach.  I had my big to do list when I got home.  Ha, then I realized by the time I got home and fed Carson did a few things, ate lunch, fed Carson again, it was time to go back to pick her up.  I guess I need to not make my list quite so long ;).

Carson had a second urology appointment yesterday along with everything else.  We didn't find out too much more about the kidney, but we do have an action plan to find out what exactly is causing the hydronephrosis (enlarged kidney) and what they need to do about it.  It was really hard to hear the doctor go through all the scenarios and options.  We will undergo a lasix renal scan mag-3 to find out the exact problem then we will take the best course of action from there.  Unfortunately all the options pretty much involve some form of surgery.  I feel like our poor little man can't catch a break.  Please pray that hopefully these results lead to the least invasive of the surgeries.  The lasix renal scan test will take place in a few weeks then we will go from there.

We have a cardiologist appointment for Carson tomorrow.  So far he is doing well and has not gone into congestive heart failure.  It is a scary waiting game.  Once he does he will go on medicine until he is big and strong enough to have the surgery.  We will be so happy to have this done with and his heart working properly.

We will  keep you posted.  As always we appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.

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