Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Everyday is a Good Day and That is OK.

So I have been waiting to update the blog until I felt a little more positive, until I wasn't having a hard day.Well I have been having several hard days recently.I decided finally that it was silly to hide it.The reality is that every day isn't easy, actually I have lots of ups and downs.I figure if one reason I do this blog is to let other people join our journey, I might as well be honest.Last week was a struggle with both kids.Kaylee has been having some behavior issues at school.As a parent you constantly blame yourself.Why is she doing this?Is she not getting enough attention?I do everything in my power to not always make things about Carson. We try so hard to do special things with and for Kaylee.We try to make his appointments while she is at school (which scares me this summer since she will be out for school).Ha, maybe we give her too much attention.Every parent struggles with giving their kids exactly what they need and dividing up your attention amongst them.

We also had Carson's first ENT appointment last week.I can't tell you how much I dread doctors’appointments.It is just a reminder of the fact that, yes, my son has Down's Syndrome, and all the health issues that come with it.I leave them depressed and feeling like we will never get a clean bill of health.Carson's hearing test came back a little low.The doctor is not worried about it because it isn't a very accurate test and he seems to hear.The more accurate one would require putting him under and we don't want to do that with his heart.Having said that, the doctor is not worried...Mom is.I know he can hear and never worried about it.Now I am constantly saying his name across the room in whispers to see if he can hear.Sometimes I wonder if going to the doctor just makes things worse.I know the whole point is to get a baseline and be preventive, but it is hard to hear that your kid has anything wrong with them. Actually I would love a doctor to tell me something positive about my child.In all honestly he is doing really well and has been a healthy baby especially with all he has going on.

Kaylee came with me to Carson's therapy today due to them having to reschedule.It is so hard to have to explain to Kaylee why the girl in the other room is 12 and can't talk, needs help climbing stairs, and help doing basic things.I tried to explain to her that God makes everyone different and she is so blessed to be able to use her words and to have strong muscles.She looked at me and asked, "Does that girl have Down Syndrome like my brother?"I wanted to bust out crying.At such a young age she gets so much.I don't know exactly what the little girl had, but I do know that Kaylee gets it.My hope is that this makes her a better person. A more tolerant person, a more understanding person, and someone who realizes how blessed she is.This truly is my hope for everyone.I believe that Carson was put on this Earth to show us true unconditional love, to remind us of how fortunate we are to be able to do things we take for granted.I love my moments I have looking at my family and feeling so lucky (not thinking about doctors, the future, health stuff), because I truly am very blessed.


  1. Thanks for the thoughtful update. We love you and your family and are here to help y'all when needed! Dad

  2. You're right.... Not everyday is going to be a good day, but God is using those days to grow you and make you a stronger mommy for those precious kids. You are doing great! Your children are beyond blessed to have such a caring and compassionate mom. Keep updating us no matter if it's good bad or ugly that way we know how to pray for you. Remember God is your rock. When things are troubling and shaky stand firm in Christ and He will direct you and lead you and give you joy and peace. He sees what you are going through and loves you and is right there with you. It amazes me to see the moms in which God entrusts to have special needs kids. They are always so strong and loving and special just like you. Prayers for you today!!